My first selfpublished book, FIREEE!Firebologna

It was participated in an exhibition “Lettori di carta – illustrazioni dal mondo celebrano la lettura”” presents sixty illustrators from 14 countries in Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Italy 2014.

Fire0A board-game was included alongside the book, featuring characters from the book.

Fire00FIREEE! is a silent-book and at the same time also an alphabetical book.


“RIIIIINNNGGGG…. ” Panicked, the mother zebra calls the firefighter. Hastily, the firemen rush to her house. Will mother zebra be okay? Follow the fun adventure of the firemen crew to reach mother zebra’s house while guessing the names of each animal from A to Z! Fire000

Stories in every character!Fire2Fire3Fire00000Fire4Fire5
Learn your alphabet!Firesideview

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