Tupperware – Happy Canister


Happy Canister is a product from Tupperware which is a storage that can be used for cookies, snacks or other small stuff.canister4

It consists of 3 stacked storages, so the goal was to design something related to height.
I came out with a castle tower because not only it is a tall building, it also creates a chance to play with fantasy creature like a dragon.
In terms of art-style, i made the characters too look like cookies while the setting is made of paper.Happy-Canister-Dragon-FAThe drawing is curved so it would fit the product well.
The left side of the image must meet the right side.

The paper dummy was an important step in order to make sure the each image come together perfectly.
The biggest challenge was the optical illusion caused by the vary of each storage size and shape, so a few adjustment was needed to finally get the right result.

The final product, the color turned out really well.11021543_404926939689076_7892048219514980947_o

tupperwareThe box is designed with the same illustration.
One of its side used for DIY pawns and dice since the product comes with a boardgame inside.

Ular-tangga2UlarTangga11154640_404140359767734_2387665842995950489_oPromotional image.
Fun time with friends, family and snacks 🙂10845883_404924599689310_4832696980292346967_o

The board game on A2 paper.

Here are some unused ideas.
One of the ideas is to create a dressing game, where the storage can be turned around to change the character’s clothes.