VegImpact – Ular Tangga

“Ular Tangga” or “Snakes and Ladders” is a boardgame made for farmers and their families.
The game contains the information about the danger of pesticide
and how to properly use it.
The boardgame was distributed to farmers by VegImpact, a program funded by Netherland’s Government. This program aimed to improve food security and private sector development in Indonesia.
veg2The logo and color scheme inspired by older Ular Tangga games.

Visual development. The characters would be drawn in small size, so clarity of the picture is very important. I tried a few drawing styles until i decided to go with a specific character propotion and coloring style.
veg3Color and pattern inspired by many older Ular Tangga games.
Positive facts/activities are placed on the stair boxes, on the other hand negative facts/activities on the snake boxes. If the player stop at the stair, the player will get an advantage. On the contrary, snakes will put the player on disadvantages.

The game, fun fact, rule of the game, dice and pawns set were arranged carefully for ease  of use, effective printing and easy distribution.veg0