Was that a Wolf?

“Was that a Wolf?” is my second self-published book.
All of the characters and objects in this book are made of cookies.
The art-style was developed to support the story, a new twist of the classic Red Riding Hood.wolfcover00Cover of the book. The font is hand-drawn, i made to look like cookies. The shading and lighting are important to make as if the cookies were put on a flat surface.

Wolfcoverwolf1On the left, the handwritten narrative imitates cookie’s icing.

wolf2wolf3wolf4wolf5The wolves are not shown clearly as it is part of the twist in the story.wolf6

Inside the book, you can find a simple tutorial to make your own cookies.Wolfcover1The book is hardcover and covered with real printed fabric to give the ‘picnic’ mood.


There is also soft-cover edition.

wolfcutterMy logo is also in the same style with the book.
I made some 3D-Printed Cookie-cutters for people who are interested to make the cookies.
Wolf0Wolf00Promotional image to create the cooking mood.

Wolf000Tote Bag for the package.


Here are some teaser and promotional posters, made using real flour.


A little thank you card for customer 😉